Sofia Pantazopoulos

Name: Sofia Pantazopoulos
Business Name: FYSTYBROWZ
Location: California, USA
Email: [email protected]

Hello, My name is Sofia I am the owner of FYSTYBROWZ! I have been in the permanent makeup industry for 4 years! I went to esthetician school back in 2021 to further understand skin anatomy. I fell in love with permanent make up right away! Being able to create confidence was so rewarding! It was something that created peace and pleasure within my life. I believe when you love what you do you feel your best inside and out! I want people to feel confident within their own skin. With semi permanent make up you have the ability to transform your clients natural beauty! I offer scalp micropigmentation, microblading , lip blushing as well as Non Laser saline tattoo removals and Ombré Powder brows ! I believe my clients should receive long lasting desired results! I always use the lift non laser saline tattoo removal technique when working on over saturated permanent makeup! One of my favorite services to offer is correction brows! I love educating my clients as well as students on all the different techniques of permanent make up. I want you to feel comfortable & confident throughout our whole experience together!

Nicolette Koshaba

Name: Nicolette Koshaba
Business Name: Ink + Iron Collective
Location: Tennessee, USA
Email: [email protected]

“Hello, I’m Nicolette! I’ve been performing permanent makeup since January 2016 and have been practicing Li-FT® since April 2018.

I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and empowering others in the industry. Equipping aspiring professionals with the skills and expertise needed to excel is very important to me.

I’ve seen many firsthand account of the transformative power of Li-FT®, and I believe every permanent makeup artist needs to have this in their arsenal.”

Desiree Savo

Name: Desiree Savo
Business Name: Desired Beauty
Location: North Haven, Connecticut
Email: [email protected]

My name is Desiree Savo, I have been a cosmetic tattoo artist for 7 years and doing saline removal using Li-FT for 4 years. I own a studio in Connecticut where I take clients full time but also teach microblading, powder brow, and saline removal as well! I offer a wide range of services from microblading, powder brow, and saline removal to ink-less stretch mark revision, areola tattoo, and scar camouflage! My passion for this industry grows every single day and I feel honored that I get to be a part of this industry. Helping women with an effortless beauty routine is extremely fulfilling!

Kim Asbas

Name: Kim Asbas
Business Name: Maine Academy of Micropigmentation
Location: Saco, Maine
Email: [email protected]
Aesthetician: 2007
PMU artist since April, 2017
AAM Board Certified since Sept., 2018
AAM Diamond Certified trainer since Feb, 2022
I was taught saline removal with my fundamental training in 2017, and have been doing removal since I started working. I initially made my own saline, but for sanitation reasons switched Botched Ink, I saw some improvement over saline, but not much, I finally switched to Li-FT a year ago and coupled with Teryn’s tips and training, have seen a significant improvement.

Brittney Sandoval

Name: Brittney Sandoval
Business Name: 402 Brows and Beauty
Location: Elkhorn, Nebraska
Email: [email protected]

I have quickly become the premier permanent makeup artist in Nebraska also specializing in hundreds of training courses. I love giving women a natural, everyday look with zero effort (on their part 😉) for the last 2 years. I’m addicted to continuing education and am obsessed with the PMU industry.

Nicole Ochoa

Name: Nicole Ochoa
Business Name: Glam Lab Beauty
Location: Pleasanton, California
Email: [email protected]

Nicole has learned and practiced various specialties and techniques of accentuating natural beauty. California Licensed Esthetician specializing in Permanent Cosmetics, Permanent Makeup Removal and Lashes for 3 years. She has become a true Brow and Lash extraordinaire.

Nicole embodies all the knowledge of this profession with the lightest hand and never ceases to continue adding to her list of specialties and techniques. With a growing clientele of brow & lash babes far and wide, Nicole is sure to impress anyone who meets her.

Specializing in Eyebrows and Lip Blush, Nicole is 4x Certified and trained by Master Trainer, Cecilia Giovacchini, from The Brow Studio & Academy and world renowned, Linnie Phan. Her latest achievement was becoming part of Girlz Ink Li-FT Trainers & Glam Squad, Las Vegas. 

Glam Lab Beauty Website

Nancy Nguyen

Name: Nancy Nguyen
Business Name: Glam Ink Studio
Location: Fountain Valley , California
Email: [email protected]

My name is Nancy , founder of Glam Ink Studio. I’ve been in the permanent makeup industry since 2019 , offering a variety of services ranging from powdered brows , lip blush , as well as saline removals. My ultimate goal when it comes to permanent makeup is enhancing your beauty while making your daily life easier!

Glam Ink Studio Instagram

Glam Ink Studio Website

Shaila Roach

Name: Shaila Roach
Business Name: Hell Bomb Tattoo
Location: Wichita, Kansas
Email: [email protected]

Shaila began her career in tattoo shops in 2006. After 6 years of managing a shop and falling in love with the craft, she embarked on her own tattooing journey with an apprenticeship in 2013. Shaila then added Permanent Makeup and Li-FT Saline Removal procedures to her daily routine in 2018 which is when her repertoire felt fully realized.
As a body tattoo artist, Shaila specializes in American traditional, fine-line and bold color, though she does enjoy doing almost all styles.
“Whether applying permanent makeup, small or large tattoos, or removing unwanted pigment from skin with Li-FT, my training and experience is sure to deliver a quality (and fun!) experience.”


Christy Fox

Name: Christy Fox
Business Name: Brows By Bree & Company
Location: Warminster, Pennsylvania
Email: [email protected]

Christy is the saline removal specialist and Cosmetic Tattoo Artist at Brows By Bree & Company. Christy’s passion for esthetics started back in her preteen years! She started with a certification in laser hair removal, but the education did not stop there. Her passion drove her to attend Lansdale School of Cosmetology to earn her esthetic license in 2015. Christy then started her career in full body waxing, mastering every wax service. She also recently expanded her career by receiving her lash certification in classic and volume lashes at TheLashRoom. In October of 2020, Christy began her apprenticeship in cosmetic makeup with Aubrey, owner of Brows By Bree & Company and also received the Li-FT pigment removal certification during that time.

“One thing I love about the esthetic field is, there are always new skills to learn and make people feel great.”


Michelle Dobrzenski

Name: Michelle Dobrzenski
Business Name: Beauty by Vixen
Location: Marshall, Michigan
Email: [email protected]

Michelle is a 14x certified PMU artist who offers Permanent Cosmetics, Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening, Lash Lift & Tinting, Saline Tattoo Removal, BB Glow, Freckles, Microblading, Micro-needling, Baby Botox Facials, and Beauty Marks. Michelle found herself drawn into the world of Permanent Makeup after experiencing major facial injuries and scarring. Plastic surgeons told her that her health insurance wouldn’t cover complete reconstruction. A good friend in the tattoo industry reminded her of cosmetic and camouflage tattooing. Once Michelle felt whole again and happy to look at herself in the mirror, she realized that there are many people struggling with similar issues that they would like to fix, however, the prices and availability of plastic surgery is often not within reach. Even with cosmetic tattoos many would consider simple or vain, Michelle has had clients cry tears of joy when they finally see that they have eyebrows for the 1st time in years. Michelle’s favorite thing to tattoo are lips!