Caitlin Estep

Name: Caitlin Estep
Business: Sugar Tattoo
Location: Westerville, OH

Caitlin Estep is the owner of Sugar Tattoo, a cosmetic tattoo shop in Central Ohio. Along with being a permanent makeup artist, she performs Li-FT tattoo removal and is an Advanced Esthetician. She’s been doing permanent makeup for a little over three years now, and became certified immediately after becoming an esthetician. Having knowledge of the skin has allowed Caitlin to understand more in depth how the skin heals, reacts, and accepts permanent makeup which she finds fascinating! Caitlin’s drive is fueled by the desire to make others feel empowered and beautiful, however that may look to them.

“I want everyone to experience self confidence and happiness, and the fact that I get to help my clients with that every day is why I love what I do! ”


Gina Huskin

Name: Gina Huskin
Business: Chicago Academy of Permanent Makeup
Location: Algonquin, Illinois

Gina Huskin is the founder of Chicago Academy of Permanent Makeup and is certified by the Illinois Board of Higher Education Private Business Vocational Schools. Gina has been performing permanent makeup since 2015 and specializes in Microblading, Powder, Ombre, Hybrid Eyebrows, Machine Hair Strokes, Hand-Tapping, Eyeliner, Lips, Areola as well as Li-FT® tattoo lightening and removal. She has been recognized for her commitment to her students and clients alike. Her passion is helping others achieve their goals and dreams by offering constant support and encouragement.


Raquel Mack

Name: Raquel Mack
Business: Elysian Color
Location: Auburn, Alabama

Raquel Mack is a cosmetic and medical tattoo artist based in Auburn, Alabama.
She has a background in fine arts and started her journey in the permanent and medical tattooing field five years ago.  She is a CPCP.
She is constantly learning new techniques to improve her craft.


Shelly Kaplan

Name: Shelly Kaplan
Business: Shelly Kaplan Permanent Cosmetics
Location: Chicago, Illinois

With a passion for all things beauty and a Bachelors Degree of art in fashion design, Shelly combined her skills and dove into a career in permanent makeup in 2018.

Building confidence in others is something she takes great pride in and this profession has given her a unique opportunity to do so.


Valerie Weber

Name: Valerie Weber
Business: Dermagrafix
Location: Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Email –

Valerie is an internationally recognized permanent makeup expert with eighteen years in the industry. Valerie is known for her direct personality, poised business demeanor and for her commitment and passion for the PMU industry. Her focus is not in one particular facial area but in applying realism in her work. She developed her own eyebrow technique called Bi-fusion Eyebrow and recently began the ever-popular new industry related show known as Valerie Weber’s INKcredible Podcast! She is also the founder, owner and head trainer of the Dermagrafix Permanent Cosmetic Studio and Training Center in Bucks County, Pa. Valerie has been training since 2007 and performing and teaching tattoo removal since 2008. She’s a regular guest speaker at multiple domestic and international conferences. As a PMU and SMP specialist Valerie has been called upon to lend her professional advice for PMU business setups, forming non-profit organizations in the SMP industry, contributing to articles and co-authoring publications for the PMU, SMP, or aesthetic industries. Valerie has been an expert guest in multiple publications, radio talk shows, television segments and podcasts spreading positive vibes and educational information for her love and passion for her industry.

Francesca Scognamiglio

Name: Francesca Scognamiglio
Business: Francesca Permanent Makeup Academy
Location: Orange, CA – USA

Francesca is a visionary professional Permanent Makeup Artist with over a decade of experience in cosmetology. After opening her own studio in Orange County, California, Francesca has gained a reputation for exceptional work, customer care, and a natural technique.
After a bad experience of having her eyebrows tattooed, Francesca realized that there was a need for educated and passionate Permanent Makeup Artists, and began her journey in Bologna, Italy.

After 2 years of studying, Francesca started working for the school where she was trained. And became an Instructor just two years after that. Trained by some of the best artists in the world, Francesca believes the key to being a successful artist is to never stop learning, investing on the best equipment, and mastering updated techniques. Permanent Makeup isn’t just a job; it’s a passion. We love what we do because it changes lives. Seeing a client’s face, their tears of joy and their expressions when they realize they now have the look they’ve always wanted makes it all worthwhile.

Francesca gives her all to her students and training classes are primarily based off experience, which why she offers training not only to technicians, but to trainers as well. Because there is always room to improve, and she loves sharing what she’s learned thanks to a great education, passion and hard work.

What sets Francesca apart is her use of a fine, natural hair stroke technique that gives clients a fresh, flattering look tailored to each individual customer. For the last decade, Francesca has kept her methods and techniques current and fresh through her never-ending pursuit of knowledge and instructing. Anyone will notice what sets us apart right away. Francesca aims to make any process and your experience fun, easy and safe with a Touch of Beauty!

Belma Slatina

Name: Belma Slatina
Business: Royal Brows Studio
Location: Lynnwood, WA


Originally from Eastern Europe, Belma always had an eye for fashion and beauty.
She is the owner of Royal Brows Studio located in the Seattle area of WA.

Belma joined the PMU industry in 2017 and also holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and Justice.

Belma has been training and performing Li-FT® removals for a few years now.
She really cares that all students become successful. That’s why after taking her course, she continues to provide student’s ongoing support. Plus, Belma also has the option to return and shadow her, to work on multiple models, and to practice at her studio!
Belma encourages you to read her reviews from her many students who are successful artists today.

Tara Thomason

Name: Tara Thomason
Business: Permanent Makeup Boise
Location: Boise, ID – USA

​Tara is an artist and an educator teaching Fundamental Beginner and Advanced Skills, Including Li-FT® Removal, at her Boise, Idaho based studio – Permanent Makeup Boise.  She is a cosmetic tattoo artist of 8 years.

“I believe I have evolved into the artist I am today because of my constant hunger for continued education and passion for personal & professional growth. I strive to provide the highest level of service for every student and every guest… caring for them with the best products, highest safety standards, and most ethical practices available. I feel THAT is what sets me apart.”

Tara’s objective is to raise self-confidence, allow for a more active lifestyle, and save valuable time for each guest she cares for. She wants to help the public understand and realize the positive impact of quality cosmetic tattooing and that of quality training.

Tara is a member of the nationally recognized organizations: The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. (SPCP and CPCP), the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) and the American Academy of Medical Micro needling (AAMM). She firmly believes in doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do.

When not creating brows (or making magic removing them!), You can find her running around her  town caring for her two busy Boise salons, shopping, and creating memories with her sweet family. She has an amazing husband and two crazy-scheduled kids… she is a busy “Dance Mom ” and “Sports Mom”.

As a busy business owner, a wife, and a mom, there’s always something to fill her spare time… Good thing she thrives on controlled chaos!

Na Seng

Name: Na Seng
Business: Na Seng Permanent Makeup
Location: Bradenton, FL – USA

Na Seng has been in the beauty industry for over 16 years.  Her skills include permanent makeup, lash and nail enhancements. Na has been doing permanent makeup for 8 years. She has been able to utilize her artistic skills and abilities to create some of the softest powder brows in the industry.

Na is native to Laos, raised in New England and currently resides in sunny Sarasota, Florida. She is also a wife, mother, and owner of both a busy nail salon and permanent makeup training

studio. Over the years, working with nail machines and becoming familiarized with various machine vibrations has led her to be the PMU machine artist that she is today. Na is also a licensed Esthetician, a Certified Surgical Technologist, and a well-respected Permanent Makeup trainer among her colleagues in the PMU industry. As the owner of Na Seng Permanent Makeup Design, Na often trains artists from all over country.  She is versatile in the PMU industry with eyebrows, lip blushing and eyelash enhancement tattoos. Her ability to perform tedious work with steady hands, as well as her eye for art and creativeness have been some of the attributions to her career.

Na has a great passion for soft powder brows and has since been able to train and mentor other artist in the industry to create the same desired looks. Her dedication to help others along their PMU journey has been one of the main key factors which has drawn other artists to train with her.  With beginner & advanced trainings currently being offered in her training facility, she has traveled to teach her techniques across the country and has mentored many around the world.

As one of the trainers for Li-FT® pigment removal & lightening systems and courses, she has performed hundreds of procedures to allow those with undesired permanent makeup to have a second chance at great results safely and efficiently.

For someone who comes from humble and small beginnings, she has big dreams. Her family is her motivation and the drive to push for success.  Na’s journey has been amazing and unique, but her own.  She believes that any person with the ambition, proper guidance and support can achieve greatness in the permanent makeup industry.

Michon Martinez

Name: Michon Martinez
Business: Girlz Ink Studio
Location: Las Vegas, NV – USA

Michon Martinez is a Las Vegas, Nevada native. She has been drawing and painting since she was a small child. Michon engaged in private art lessons as a teenager and has continued developing her sketching and canvas skills into her adult years.

Michon used her artistic eye for detail as a professional photographer. She exercised her talent as a photographer for a prominent Las Vegas Strip Property for over eight years. Her ability to recognize and appreciate individual facial features, uses of light and color complimented her customers and enhanced her photographic skills.

Michon has always been persistent in perfecting her creative flair allowing her to cultivate an artistic appreciation. Using bold compositions, high senses of color, extensive drawing techniques, utilizing different mediums has helped her practice and master her craft.

Michon attended Euphoria Institute for Beauty, graduating at the top of her Aesthetics class as valedictorian. She continues to be a licensed Aesthetician. Her passion for body tattoos and ink led her to her interest in permanent make-up. Michon was fortunate in being selected to train and apprentice with the world-renowned permanent make-up artist Teryn Darling!

Michon Martinez is an accomplished certified permanent makeup artist specializing in many different techniques at Girlz Ink in Las Vegas, Nevada.