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Become a Li-FT® Trainer

We are now recruiting Li-FT® Trainers all around the globe.  If you have a passion for removing unwanted pigment and teaching others how to do it safely and effectively…we want you!

Li-FT® Trainer Requirements:

  • You love, believe in, and are passionate about Li-FT® and all that it encompasses.
  • You are an experienced permanent makeup artist with the machine. If you also have experience with the handtool that is a big bonus.
  • You must have experience in performing removal procedures. You will be asked to submit some examples of your removal results.
  • We prefer you have some experience in training but if you do not…it’s not a deal breaker.
  • You must have taken Teryn’s official Li-FT® Theory on-line course.
  • You must be willing to teach and adhere to the principles and high standards of the Li-FT® Training Course. It is important that all Li-FT® Trainers are a cohesive unit teaching the same techniques, following the same protocols and practices.
  • You must be willing to join our Li-FT® Training Private Facebook Group, agree to participate and be responsive.
  • You must be excited, ready and willing to not only grow your own personal business as a Li-FT® Trainer but to also be active in growing the Li-FT® brand as a whole. It takes a village to reach the level of success we all want for Li-FT® and for each other.

Li-FT® Trainer Benefits:

  • Li-FT® Trainers earn $1100 USD per student for hands-on classes. Please note if you are located outside the US this could be slightly less.
  • Li-FT® Trainers will automatically become a Li-FT® Affiliate and receive an Affiliate Link to the Li-FT® Theory Online Course.  Your Li-FT® Affiliate Link will earn you a generous % for anyone that signs up for the Li-FT® Theory Online Course using your custom Affiliate Link.
  • Li-FT® Trainers will have the opportunity to participate in our new Zoom Li-FT® Personal Coach Classes and earn generous $$$. Coming Soon!
  • Li-FT® Trainers will receive a discount on all Li-FT® related products.
  • Li-FT® Trainers located in the US will receive a Li-FT® Student Kit for each of your class students from Girlz Ink and this is at our expense…not yours. If you are located outside of the US, you may be responsible for purchasing the Li-FT® Student Kit at your own expense.
  • Li-FT® Trainers will be listed on our “Find a Trainer” map on the Liftinkremoval.com website so potential students can find you easily.
  • Li-FT® Trainers will have all their class dates posted on our “Training Event Calendar” on the Liftinkremoval.com website so potential students can locate you and your class dates easily.
  • Lastly…you will have the benefit of joining an awesome, well respected and established Brand and tribe of trainers! You will have the support of the entire Girlz Ink team and Li-FT® Trainers helping you to reach the levels of success you envision for yourself.  Your success is our success!

If you are interested in becoming a Li-FT® Trainer, please fill out and submit this form