How can something so natural such as a salt/saline solution work?

How does Saline Work?

Some people might be wondering how does saline removal work? How does saline lighten and remove tattoos?
How can something so natural such as a saline solution work and work so effectively?

Saline is simply salt and water. Saline removal works on the theory of “Osmosis”

Osmosis is a process by which molecules of a solvent (water) tend to pass through a semi-permeable membrane (skin) from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one.

This achieves the same amount of concentration on each side of the membrane…called Equalization.

Introducing a high concentration of salt water to the upper dermis where the pigment resides, creates the process of Osmosis.

Water in the cells beneath the pigment contain lower amounts of salt and the water will rise to the area containing higher concentrations of salt.

Equalization forces the pigment from the dermal layer up to the epidermis by Osmotic pressure.

This is a natural process to become equal to the higher concentration of salt and water.

The pigment moves upward with the water and becomes trapped in the scab. When the scabs fall off a portion of the pigment goes with it. That is how saline removal works.

Results have shown us time and time again, that the Li-FT® Saline Tattoo Solution can be just as effective in removing unwanted permanent makeup, microblading and tattoos as lasers, and in many cases much more effective and in fewer sessions. Client goals of lightening and removing unwanted pigment are being achieved in three to four sessions using the Li-FT® saline removal solution and employing Teryn Darling’s techniques.

Now that we have thousands of healed results and hard data by trained Li-FT® technicians from all over the world, Li-FT® is the safest and most effective saline removal solution available today. Li-FT® has been tested extensively for efficacy, does not cause scarring, can be used for all skin types, can be used for eyeliner procedures, can remove migrated eyeliners, can remove white (titanium dioxide) and ultimately help you help your clients and the people in your community.

Saline removal is the number one choice of removal in the permanent makeup industry. If you are a permanent makeup artist or body tattoo artist and want to learn how to perform saline removal procedures, you must be properly trained and obtain insurance.  To obtain insurance, an approved course and Certificate of Completion will be needed. Please visit our home page for a quick link to the Girlz Ink Academy where you will find the Li-FT® Saline Removal Course, taught by Teryn Darling.