Emergency Removal

Emergency Removal is a technique Teryn developed about 4 years ago due to a client’s sheer desperation.


Prior to development, it was standard policy to have the procedure heal a minimum of six weeks before any removal could be attempted. This put us at a disadvantage, but this was industry protocol for over 25 years.

We can lighten and remove your botched ink or poorly done brows immediately after you get them done! No more waiting until they are healed. Remove them now. Teryn Darling developed this amazing technique of removing bad brows and procedures within 48 hours of getting them done.  Emergency Removal® is trademarked and Teryn Darling is globally recognized as the innovator and developer of this technique.  Today, other brands who first denied Emergency Removal® as an effective and legitimate service now advertise Emergency Removal® on their own websites and teach it to their own students.

The client who changed everything had her brows done 24 hours prior to calling Teryn. She was desperate and referred to her situation as an emergency, hence the term “Emergency Removal®.” Removal of her freshly done brows was attempted and done for the very first time in the history of permanent makeup or saline removal. This was a technique Teryn had done on a small scale several times during her training classes when students made a little blooper.  After 7 days of healing, the client’s result was mind blowing. It worked! All the pigment lifted and left the skin. This was about to be a huge discovery and breakthrough for both artists and clients all over the world.

Teryn went on to do several Emergency Removal® procedures before she concluded this was a safe and effective technique that needed to be taught to the industry. This is just one of the impactive contributions Teryn has made to the permanent makeup industry. Please note: The Emergency Removal®  technique is performed without any needles. No needles, no tattoo techniques or breaking into the skin in any way. This is a safe and gentle manner of lifting freshly implanted pigment from area.

Once the skin is wounded, we have a short period of time before the epidermal crust is fully formed. Until that epidermal crust is fully formed, the area may accept and absorb the Li-FT® solution. It is best if the procedure is no more than 48 hours old. You may have some success up to 72 hours old, but experience proves up to 48 hours will bring the best lightening and lifting results. Although Emergency Removal® can lift and removal all of the pigment for some clients, in some cases, additional lightening sessions may need to be done.

If you are a client who has had your eyebrows done in the last 48 hours, you feel they were done poorly and you would like to attempt to lift the pigment out, Li-FT® and the Emergency Removal® technique may be able to help. If you are in Las Vegas, please contact the Girlz Ink Studio®. If you are located outside of Las Vegas, please go to our search option to locate a trained and licensed Li-FTer in your area

If you are a licensed permanent makeup artist or body artist and would like to become trained in Li-FT® Pigment/Ink Lightening and Emergency Removals please visit www.girlzinktraining.com.

Take a look at our before and healed results after Emergency Removal® has been performed.  See Healed Brow Section for more Emergency Removal Healed Results or visit our Instagram @Liftinkremoval.