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Whether it is the laser or the saline method…any type of tattoo lightening or removal is a process, and in some cases…it can be a long process. Although we have several cases whereas just one session of Li-FT® lightened or removed the unwanted pigment successfully to where no further treatments were needed, there are several other cases where four, five or six sessions were needed to achieve the level of lightening wanted. In rare instances, there are even cases where we we’re not able to reach the level of success wanted, that is rare but it can happen.

It is impossible for any Li-FT® technician to predict how many sessions it will take to lighten or remove any permanent makeup or body tattoo procedure to the level desired. There are several outside variables that affect the process such as…how deep is the pigment implanted? How saturated is the pigment? How much of the pigment needs to be removed? What type of pigment was used? Where on the body is the treatment being done? Is the skin oily or dry? With all these variables to consider, and the fact that each client is uniquely different, it is safe to say that most clients achieve the results wanted in one to six sessions.

If you’re choosing the Li-FT® method or any method of removal for that matter, it is important for the client to commit to the process, trust the process and remain patient. Li-FT® is the most advanced and effective saline solution in the industry today and every day we are making a difference in the lives of people with bad permanent makeup or body tattoos.

All the before and after pictures shown are results that were achieved on clients by trained Li-FT® technicians using the Li-FT® Saline Solution and techniques taught by Teryn Darling on the Girlz Ink Academy.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The following result photos were shared by Li-FT® technicians and trainers. Permission to use the result photos were given to Li-FT®, Girlz Ink®, and officially trained and authorized Li-FT® technicians, trainers, and distributors only.