Firstly – it is not a legal requirement in the UK to have any kind of beauty nor tattoo insurance. It is also not a stipulation of most local councils who issue licenses to have insurance. So in theory anyone can train in Li-FT®, and anyone can deliver treatments as long as they have a tattoo/PMU license they are not breaking any UK laws.

HOWEVER – it is considered grossly unprofessional not to have adequate insurance. We are of course advocates of all students having adequate insurance in place, and are happy to help you explore how to do so for your individual circumstances.

UK insurance underwriters are kind of a law unto themselves. They change stipulations regularly, and their call center/sales staff are usually poorly trained in the requirements. This can make getting the right information really difficult for potential students.

HANDS ON TRAINING: This is the preferred method of training for most insurance providers. Insurance underwriters usually require for training to be done by a teacher that has their AET Qualification (Advanced Education and Training Award), and that they have at least 2 years experience in the treatment they are training in. They also require that the course be accredited by an independent body. There are many accrediting bodies who check the course content, and then accredit the course usually for free.

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Li-FT® is accredited in the UK for official Li-FT® trainers via “PMU LINK.”

As long as an insurance company covers removal/lightening with saline, then this accreditation plus the hands on course is enough to satisfy their requirements. Some insurance providers require that students have at least 6 months PMU experience as a prerequisite, others do not.

ONLINE TRAINING: Pre-Covid, most underwriters would not entertain online courses at all. With the rise in popularity, some underwriters are now happy to insure online training, others still will not. Some insurers will like to have ’signed off’ a particular trainer/training school on an agreed list, and they may want “interaction” as part of the online set up, as well as accreditation, AET etc. As far as we know all Li-FT® trainers are offering an interactive session as part of the online package, are asking for pre-requisite of minimum of 6 months experience in PMU, and requiring 3 case studies afterwards.

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UK Insurance Providers Accepting Li-FT® Online (subject to change)

Holistic Insurance: Will insure Li-FT® Students, as long as they have at least 6 months PMU experience, and as long as they have had “interactive” training. Holistic have a list of agreed training providers, so each Li-FT® trainer would need to contact Holistic and advise exactly how their training is carried out, and then if Holistic are happy, they can add them to the list. An Agreement with Holistic by UK Trainer Alice Kingdom, is that students do the Girlz Ink Pre-study, then a zoom with her, where she can supervise their hand movements and skill over video. They are then required to provide 3 case studies to Alice before gaining their certificate.

Westminster Insurance: Will insure all online training, they do not differentiate between hands on and online – no interaction required.

Towergate Insurance: Will usually not insure online training, but some have had the online training agreed as long as it is done with the interactive session, pre-requisite and 3 case studies.

Insync Insurance:  One of the largest Beauty and PMU insurers in the UK. This firm is a broker, and has a number of insurance underwriters. Some of their underwriters will not insure online training, and others will. In general as a brokers they do not usually insure online training, but some have had the online training agreed as long as it is done with the interactive session, pre-requisite and 3 case studies. Alice has an account manager that can help students find the right underwriting partner for them.