Help save the world from bad PMU and Body tattoos with Li-FT®

Li-FT® Training


A great saline solution requires great techniques in order to achieve great results. We hand selected the very best trainers in the industry and removal space. We formatted the best hands-on classes and offer the very best online training course. 

The Li-FT® training program was developed to provide artists with the knowledge, skillset and support needed to perform safe and effective lightening procedures.

With thousands of both PMU and body tattoo technicians worldwide choosing Li-FT® as their removal training and source, Li-FT® has been solidified as the top saline
removal product and training program in the industry today. We currently offer two forms of



Our online course is our in-depth, comprehensive theory portion that will provide you with core knowledge of the product and our worldwide acclaimed process of removal. You will learn the safest and most effective ways to remove any procedure on any skin type. Full length videos of an Eyebrow, Migrated Eyeliner, Body tattoo and an Emergency Removal procedure.

You will have access to our online course for one full year, receive a training certificate and lifetime membership to our Facebook Li-FT® Support Group with over 4,000 members. The online course is a pre-requisite to attending any hands-on training, and it is included in our hands-on training package.

The Li-FT® Saline Removal online course in conjunction with the hands-on training is recommended for any licensed PMU or body tattoo technician that has less than two years in their respective field. If the technician has at least two years in practice and feels confident in their PMU and/or tattoo skills, the online portion of our training may be adequate.



The Li-FT® Saline Tattoo Removal hands-on class is a full day, hands-on procedure training with an official Li-FT® trainer. Please go to our “Find a Trainer” search engine to locate a trainer closest to you. All hands-on classes include the Li-FT® Online Course, starter kit and membership to our Facebook Li-FT® Support Group. The hands-on training package is recommended to all technicians that have less than two years in practice, or to any technician that feels hands-on removal training would benefit them regardless of time in practice.



EXCITING NEWS FOR TECHNICIANS THAT HAVE ALREADY TAKEN ANOTHER SALINE LIGHTENING COURSE.  If you have already taken another saline removal course from a different company or brand and want to really level up your removal skills, you can take the      Li-FT® Saline Lightening Online Course for a discounted price.  Conversion Course Price is $250. That’s almost 50% off the regular price.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

How do you receive your discounted price and take advantage of our Li-FT® Conversion Course?  It’s easy, just email your Certificate of Training or your Receipt of Purchase to [email protected].  A Girlz Ink team member will respond to you with your custom coupon code.


Why Li-FT® Ink Removal?

The number one reason is that we are celebrating seven years with thousands upon thousands of healed results by thousands of technicians from all over the world. There has been no reports or any record of allergic reactions or product complications. Li-FT® works and it continues to be the number one saline removal solution in the permanent makeup industry. Below are just a few other reasons why.

• Because it is the safest, most effective removal solution on the planet. So safe that it can be used to remove any procedure including botched and migrated eyeliners…no restrictions like other saline brands.

• Because the on-line training course has been taken and validated by thousands of permanent makeup and body tattoo artists all over the world and it has become the number one saline removal course in the industry.  The Li-FT® on-line saline removal course continues to be the number one course by referral and word of mouth and that right there says a lot and something we are super proud of.

• Because the hands-on training course is just as good as the online training course.  It is  intense, organized and designed to equip the technician with the knowledge and skills needed to leave that class and start performing saline removal procedures with success.

• Because after you have taken our Li-FT® online saline removal course, the hands-on course or the combination of both…you will be uploaded to the Li-FT® Facebook Support Board for 24 hour ongoing support. Our Li-FT® Facebook Support Group is 2000 members strong and very active. You will be surrounded by new and advanced Li-FTers, Li-FT® trainers and the entire Girlz Ink team for all the support you will need to ensure you keep learning and growing as a removal technician.

• Because Li-FT® is the brand and platform existing removal techs are converting over to.  Why? Because Li-FT® is successfully removing more bad, botched work quicker than any other saline removal solution brand on the market…period.  We have gained the reputation of being able to lighten and remove some of the toughest and most challenging botched procedures. We are so confident and proud of our results that we post “before and healed” pictures every day on our Instagram page @liftinkremoval.  We showcase more healed results than any other saline removal solution brand in the industry because we have the documented results.

• Because both the Li-FT® Saline Removal Solution and the Li-FT® Training Courses are priced fairly. Not only are our courses priced fairly, they are consistently being updated and refreshed. Just this 2023 year, Teryn filmed and uploaded her performing an Emergency Removal procedure and a small heart tattoo.  Nothing gets stale around here.

• Because Li-FT® Saline Removal Solution is manufactured right here in the USA. Li-FT® is made at the Li Pigments Lab in New Jersey. The Li Pigments Lab is a highly credentialed and regulated cosmetics manufacturing lab with over 25 years in the permanent makeup industry.  Li-FT® went through extensive outside independent testing for purity, safety and efficacy.  Li-FT® was formulated without any acids and is widely accepted by industry insurance companies. BEWARE OF COMPANIES MAKING FRAUDULENT CLAIMS THAT THIER SALINE SOLUTION IS FDA APPROVED. NO SALINE LIGHTENING SOLUTION IS FDA APPROVED.