Belma Slatina

Name: Belma Slatina
Business: Royal Brows Studio
Location: Lynnwood, WA
Email: [email protected]


Originally from Eastern Europe, Belma always had an eye for fashion and beauty.
She is the owner of Royal Brows Studio located in the Seattle area of WA.

Belma joined the PMU industry in 2017 and also holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and Justice.

Belma has been training and performing Li-FT® removals for a few years now.
She really cares that all students become successful. That’s why after taking her course, she continues to provide student’s ongoing support. Plus, Belma also has the option to return and shadow her, to work on multiple models, and to practice at her studio!
Belma encourages you to read her reviews from her many students who are successful artists today.