Jan 25th, 2021 | Alice Kingdom

7 Things You Should Know About Your Ink Removal Solution

Choosing an Ink removal solution? Here is what you need to know!

There are a number of tattoo removal solutions available on the market. How do they work and how do they compare to LIFT??

As the popularity of semi permanent makeup and microblading continues to increase, so does the need to be able to lighten, adjust and remove existing work to enable artists to replace it with something more beautiful.

There is a growing amount of choice on the market, all promising great removal results, so how do you know which ink remover to choose?

1. Li-FT does not contain acids: Acid solutions have ingredients like TCA (trichloroacetic acid), or glycolic acid. These acids cause a reaction in the skin, breaking down the bonds between cells, inks and pigments. Skin professionals generally advise against these methods because of the dangerous chemical properties of the acids being used.  As well as removing ink and pigment, the use of acids can cause scarring and removal of natural pigmentation of the skin.

2. LIFT does not contain alkaline: Although the word alkaline doesn’t sound as harsh as ‘acids’, they work in a similar way, and can cause the same scarring and removal of natural pigmentation of the skin as acids do. Alkaline removers will have ingredients such as potassium, calcium hydroxides, CaO, quicklime.

3. LIFT is laboratory formulated: LIFT’s saline formula is created in lab conditions to be just the right strength. Too weak and a saline solution will do very little, but too strong and saline can cause cells to dehydrate, destroying them – creating scarring. You will also never find any heavy metal salts in LIFT.

4. LIFT is Insurance Approved: Because of the high quality of its formula, and it’s track record, LIFT is approved by well known insurance underwriters. Always check the solution you use is acceptable for removal use.

5. LIFT is suitable for eyeliner: Whilst we do not want to get LIFT in the eyes. It is one of the only solutions suitable to use for the removal of eyeliner. Unlike some thinner removal solutions, LIFT’s gel like consistency, makes it easy to work with around the eye area.

6. LIFT has a proven track record: LIFT solution is trusted by 1000’s of artists worldwide to provide incredible tattoo and semi permanent makeup lightening results, whilst being gentle on the skin.

7. LIFT can be used for emergency removal: LIFT is an excellent tool for what we call “emergency removal”. LIFT can be used for removal within 72 hours of a poorly done or unwanted microblading or permanent makeup experience.

Join the ink removal revolution! Join those that choose LIFT as their first choice removal solution.

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